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Abidish – IP5-Week 7 Experiment, reflect and research  

A quick recap

I am working on an explorational journey between the body and the senses. I am doing senseless sittings and senseless walks to explore this sensory relation.  

Five beach stones, a fond object and sandpaper sheets are my primary materials to do my experimental work.


I was working in the studio (classroom) most of the time and you can see a lot of work done but a small progress towards my personal project. Material is everything in the project unless I change my mind by finding a batter way forward.  



Notes on what’s working and what’s not. 

Photos of my handwriting notes 


I have been reading my tutorial feedback and thinking about changing my material choices but I’m also anxious about the time. I added more materials on the table to experiment with but this week I will finish the material exploration. 

My goal is to spend extra time with my materials and get on with the making and setting up this mixed media installation / possible performance. 

Group project pitch presentation 

I presented my group project presentation in class on Tuesday. There were so many good ideas, and I took notes while everyone was presenting their ideas. 

I’m excited about the group workshop and I’m already doing a little bit of research around the topic of Make Your Own Friend. 

1 thought on “Abidish – IP5-Week 7 Experiment, reflect and research  ”

  1. Hi Abidish. Great documentation here especially of your practice led research and development. As you move forwards, think about annotating the images. What are we looking at? What questions or curiosity was guiding your work? How do these experiments link back to your overall project concept? I think the grinding, repetition and having materials stand in for senses is really interesting. I think the materials your working with, stone, sand paper and wax work well. Can you give a bit of detail into their symbolic meaning? What they represent for you and why? Make sure you leave time to reflect on class activities in your post, as well as document research / reflection and creative experimentation. To develop, make sure you leave time for research – you are doing this, and you post about other artists work regularly, but be explicit about how your work is informed by their own. You may well want to leave some time to think about detailing the context of your work and practice, and situating yourself in relation to other practitioners. Be sure to cite your sources and watch out for spelling mistakes. As you know the focus now is on making and preparing the presentations. Leave time to go through and start drafting the Takeover form and make sure you understand what to hand in. I’ll go through this in class tomorrow. Keep up the good work – really looking forward to seeing how you decide to present and document this work as we head closer to the end of the module. Finally, make sure you are articulating how your project relates to and is informed by the IP theme. Caitlin.

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