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Abidish – IP5-Week 6 Reading week  

During the reading week, my main focus was organising myself and getting my materials sorted so I can continue with my experimentational research. This week I also read and listen to some text for research purposes.

Research and experimentation


Because the School of Art was opening during the reading week, I managed to go in the studio space (classroom) and continue with my experimentation. It always helps me when I do things physically and it makes more sense to me when I am doing stuff with my hands and or with materials.  

After two sessions in the studio space, I feel like I am and not moving fast enough to realise my project. There is this creativity block in front of me and I’m trying to get rid of this feeling by doing more and more hands-on work, sometimes even without thinking. I’m trying to be regular and trusting the process and believing in making and making more making therefore I’m hopeful I can make progress and I will make a good piece of work in the end.

Consistency itself is an artwork.  

Podcast (listening research)  

Podcast episode from Spotify 


Artist Alison Lambert, Written and edited by Alan Dyer 

In the binging of my reading week, I decided to print out my IP 5 proposal form so I can slowly start filling it up instead of leaving it till the last minute. I also visited the arts centre to take some photographs for my proposal form documentation. 


Something I saw during my visit to Swansea. I feel like to me this rock represents body and senses very closely connected to the human experience. 


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