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Abidish – IP5-Week 4 Research, lecture, and experimentation 


Podcast (listening research)  

Podcast episode from Spotify  

From listening to this podcast, I learned some new and important fragments of knowledge for example, how to see material and how to use material in diverse ways. What are the relationships between materials and body? What materials are closer to the body and how can I use this information in my own practice?  

Before doing deeper research, I decided to briefly look at artists working in the areas of sculpture, installation, painting, performance, and sound. and some of their interested works.  

Paul Klee for Colour / Visual sense  

He was a painter with a sense of dry humour and childish perspective. He worked on colour theory, and he wrote about this matter in deeper detail. His work is a reflects of his beliefs, taste in musicality and his personal character.  

Hassan Hajjaj for Contradiction between perceptions  

He is a contemporary artist and works with film and photography media. He is most famous for his work, A Day in The Life of a Henna Girl and a series of photographic work based on the similar foundations and ideas of cultural fusion, storytelling, contradictory view of the west towards eastern and north African people and their lifestyle.  

Anish Kapoor for Sense of space and touch  

Kapoor is a British sculptor born in India, Mumbai. He is famous for his installation artworks and site-specific contemporary sculptures.  

On Kawara for Conceptual Art and sophistication  

He was a Japanese conceptual painter based in New York but before that he was in Mexico City. His work reflects the idea of location and time in a very conceptual way. The works TODAY series gives you the impression of deep time and shows you how a simple concept can capture the impossible (A FULL DAY) on the fabric of a canvas.  

All four artists are being looked at via their online Wikipedia profiles. 

My plan is to look deeper into fewer artists next week.

Lecture: Timeline for the personal project  

In the lecture/workshop classroom session we did some activities to clearly think about our personal project and about its timeline. We also did some brainstorming on how to materialise our thoughts and ideas in the physical way. 



To realise my idea into this physical world I went to the beach. My intention was to collect stones in varied sizes, colours, and shapes so, I can associate them with the five different senses and the consciousness. 


Day One of collecting stones

Day Two of collecting stones


Working with the physical objects makes more sense to me because I am a visual learner. My idea is clear in my head, but I am writing down small pieces of text so I can coherently express my ideas. I have a better and clearer visual separation between the senses and the body. Next week I am introducing a new idea on top of my previous work Mindless Sensory Walks, it is called Mindless Sensory Sittings.  

I will continue with my experiment, reflect, and research in the coming weeks. 

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