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Abidish – IP5-Week 3 Work trip to London, lecture and research exercise  


It felt different this time, maybe London is changing 

Overall, it was a perspective changing and a quite emotional experience to be in those spaces with professional artists and researchers. I lived some of the powerful and mind changing moments through my body and mind wile engaging with the team from the British Museum, British Library and Natural History Museum London but also with the buildings itself. 

I am extremely happy to be seen through this opportunity of working with people from different institutions and organisations on this project. In conclusion it is a step in the right direction to understanding myself and my methods of making my work but also setting up and establishing through networking and working relationships. 

Documentation of my work trip to London (British Museum, British Library and Natural History Museum London). 

Lecture: Site specific art 

The art piece I remember, and I want to mention is, Happenings by Allan Kaprow. His work is interesting to me because of its relation to the location and bodies. it is based-on experiences lived through the human bodies.

Screen grab from the website: Allan Kaprow and the Art of Happenings (

We also explored the site-specific art in this lecture and its relation to the location and what is the consequence of if you take out the artwork from the location.  

It is clear that if you take out the artwork from its location then the artwork will lose its value and will be considered incomplete or broken.  

In my own time later in the week, I was thinking about what if the artwork stays there but location changes itself by entirely through natural causes. For example, earthquake or a tsunami disaster etc…  

In that situation, what would we call the site-specific artwork? Evolved or broken?  

In the last part of our lecture, we did some exercises to clearly think about our final project. I made a collage out of magazine cut-outs to manifest my project in visual sense. There was Bodies, Sensory organs, Mouth, Feet, Lips and Hips, Nose. Brain, Boobs, Tongue, and toes etc… 

In another exercise I did a performance where I am exploring an art gallery and not looking directly at the artworks but through my smartphone camera. I was navigating my ways via the back camera and taking the selfies through the front camera. My selfies are my documentational proof saying that I was there. Through this performance of not looking directly at the artworks I am probing the questions about real and not authentic experience of looking and living, being in the space and not being presence directly with your senses, physical and nonphysical. 


Trying to explore the boundaries of reality, experiences, senses, and location.

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