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Abidish – IP5-Week 1 Introduction

Reflection on my IP 1,2,3 and 4 projects

During the summertime I was preparing myself for this module (IP5) and also for my final year in general. I read my feedback on IP1,2,3 and 4 repeatedly to figure out how I can be better in building and developing my work. Regardless of dyslexia I was pushing myself to read and write more than usual amount. I was also applying for different opportunities in and outside the UK.  

This academic year my goal is to engage with my work regularly, professionally and most importantly with honesty and truth.  

Group tutorial 

Interdisciplinary practice module started with our group tutorial on Monday the 2nd of October 2023. I love Mondays because it gives me the feeling of a fresh start, a new beginning or turning over a new leaf.  


Site specific art – Listening  

I was very excited to attend my first group tutorial and also my very first IP5 lecture later in the week on Friday the 6th of October 2023. There were some problems with my timetable, but I managed to attend both of my classes. I have been told and I agree that I’m a methodical creature and I like ticking all the boxes if I can. I guess it’s because these actions give me the feeling of fulfillment, peace and satisfaction.  

Activities during the group tutorial

In the group tutorial session, there was an introductory conversation between the classmates. It was an opportunity to express ourselves, our inspirations, our practices and our creative expressions with each other. We talked about our favorite ways and medias to work in and create projects.  

Later we as a group did several exercises to find new ways of starting the creative process. One of those processes was casting a spell. I made many attempts to cast a spell via writing down something on the paper but I’m afraid I didn’t feel connected to those words. Instead, I was surrounded by distraction in my head and experienced my mind drifting.  

Later in the week, reflecting on those events, I felt that I prefer quiet space to work on new and intimate tasks if possible. 

Lecture: Introduction 

The first lecture for IP5 was introductory in nature with lots of information about the structure of the module. For example, Information about the timetable, the theme of the module, introduction to the blackboard, the assignment deadlines, and equipment borrowing forms etc.

The second half of the seminar was more interesting because of the activities. For example, 1 or 2 minutes of drawing your colleague, mind mapping and connecting dots between our group with the piece of string on the wall and networking and communicating with other members.  

The most important and inspirational part of the seminar was experiencing the art of looking and drawing your classmate within 1 or 2 minutes drawing sessions. Looking or being looked at can be a very interesting experience if you trust or believe the person who is looking at you. The gaze can be joyful or a source of comfort.  

Later in the week I noticed that when you look at something or someone, your eye takes control of the space and time in that particular moment. Your eyes start recording the history of your lived moment in the form of memory. This perception by the means of the eyes is a two ways transactional experience. The first is looking and the second is being looked at in return or sometimes similar feelings can be felt when the feeling of something is looking at you happen. 

Link to an Instagram post. 



My overall reflection on the group tutorial and the lecture is that I need to start believing in myself and start creating things which are truly mine, things which speak to me and work that reflects myself as me not some kind of version of me.  

I thought about the team (Site specific art – Listening), and I will keep thinking and brainstorming.

My next step will be starting the creative practice triangle (Experiment, Reflect and Research).  

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