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Abidish – Easter break  

Mon 27th, Mar – Sun 16th, Apr

A brief catchup 

First working with a round tablecloth to see if I can find a shape of time, after that I was trying to make a giant plastic bag so I can perform from within the stretcher and finally I was testing acrylic sheets so I can make my own tinted glass sculptures.


In the Easter break time, I was busy building with new materials and testing them to see and feel how they look like and if I can use them to materialise my idea of TIME BEING.

In the arts centre

On the north beach


I was spending a lot of time reading the book TIME and browsing through different pieces of text written around the theme of time. 


As far as I understand, TIME is a concept, a very vague concept, like a transparent material e.g., glass, water, air etc. You can feel them around you but cannot really see them instead you see through them.

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