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Abidish – IP4-Week 8

Mon 20th, Mar – Sun 26th, Mar 

Artist Reacher Presentation

For my artist research presentation my phrase was silent performance

This week I presented my presentation in front of the class in which I talked about the artist Lee Mingwei. He is a performance artist, but he rarely performs himself. I believe he is more of a performance design artist, who likes to create performances with hiring other performers to bring to life his ideas and concepts. Generally, his performances are audience engagement friendly and leave an emotional and powerful experience behind.

My presentation notes

During my presentation in front of the class I gave an introduction to the artist, connection to the theme TIME, connection to Dee’s project (team project) and we watched a 5-minute-long video together of Lee’s performance.

In the end I delivered my conclusion and took questions from my class members. 

YouTube video link:

During this presentation session I took some notes to try out some things later by myself. 

Number one how to enter or experience the Void? 

What more do I want from this life? 

What is my perspective and what is my reality, is there more than one reality to experience? If YES, then how can I get there? 

What will happen if I start using things not in the right way but in the opposite way? 

What will happen if I use half of my senses? 

Pictures of the class

Tutorial with Tim 

During my 30-minute tutorial with him I talked about two different options or ideas, but conceptually the project will remain the same. 

It’s called TIME BEING and I’m trying to construct a performance with some objects next to me or me inside the objects / sculptures. 

  1. my first option is making a square box out of acrylic sheets and sitting inside the box and performing.
  1. my second option is sitting inside a giant plastic see-through balloon / bag and performing.

After discussing both options with Tim I decided to go for a fluid shaped plastic bag, simply because it makes more sense to me that time changes its shapes and forms, and we change with it. 

Pictures of the notes from tutorial with Tim

Meeting with The TAKEOVER 2023 organizing team members

In the takeover meeting me and Dee concluded that we would with a new social media campaign on new platforms. We also delivered our message that it’s important to follow us on social media platforms to engage with whatever content we will be posting to promote your Artwork.

I made my own document to set out some formal structure of the social media posts across the board. 

Later in the week I received a document from Dee explaining about the important skills and tricks to use social media effectively. 

Pictures of The TAKEOVER 2023 meeting

Collaborating with Dee

Filming with Dee in Borth was a great opportunity for me to work and learn from another artist. I prepared myself to do my part by reading the script and doing a little research on the idea of walk and what can I do with walk. I thought about the Art-walk for a while and ideas about how can I distract other characters with my walk. 

Film seen

Collaborating with Sofia

The next day on Sunday I was filming three different shots in three different settings with Sofia. Overall, it went well, and Sofia got what she wanted.

I think it was a good idea to reshoot those scenes again to keep the quality of her project high.


It was a wonderful experience working with two different film makers this semester. I feel like I’m developing this skill of acting in front of camera but also experimenting on the spot and coming up with interesting ideas. I find it creative when I am dealing with different problems and solving through my spontaneous ideas. 

This healthy environment is good for both artists because as students we learn from this practical activity a lot about the real-life work experience as practitioners. 

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME 

I’m making progress, I’m changing, changing and changing, it feels good, it’s a feeling of evolving as a person (TIME BEING).

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