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Abidish – IP4-Week 9

Mon 17th, Apr – Sun 23rd, Apr

After trying varied materials, I am moving on and trying to push everything further outside my comfort zone. I have my order from amazon containing 4 different sizes of acrylic sheets and 3 different sizes of reflective film to transform one side of the sheet into the mirror.  

Pictures if A1, A2, A3, and A4 acrylic sheets 

Trying acrylic sheets in the CA studio

Class / Group project  

Dee’s workshop Now is the Time was educational and informative in nature. It was an eye opener moment for many of us. I got to learn how much impact I am making as an Artist towards the climate change by putting carbon dioxide into the environment. 

Pictures of the workshop Now is the Time 

Tutorial / Group tutorial 

In the group tutorial we all got the chance to share our projects in front of the other group members. We learned about the importance of understanding your own work and abilities to deliver the ideas to the viewers or audiences. The tutorial was also about how to find the balance between how much to share and how much to leave hidden for them to explore. 

Pictures of the tutorial

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME 

keep going, keep trying, keep learning, keep growing, keep breathing, keep breaking, keep repeating, keep recollecting yourself, keep living, keep sharing, keep stopping and keep starting. 

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