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Abidish – IP4-Week 7

Mon 13th, Mar – Sun 19th, Mar 

After the reading week

I decided to rethink my project after my reading week. On Monday the 13th I went to the CA project room to work, and I started my session with cleaning the room then I wrote down the first five points of thinking through making on a piece of paper.

  1. Identify and establish the limitations 
  1. Select a few ingredients 
  1. Establish a rule or set of rules 
  1. Have some tools, props, materials to hand 
  1. Have enough TIME 

Pictures of the CA project room after the cleaning

Picture of the documents from the Mac room (thinking through making).

I started with this simple ritual in which I talked to an apple at the beginning of this session. I told this apple everything about my project, the good and bad, progress and stagnation, concepts and ideas. In the end I ate my apple, believing my thoughts and my truth becoming one and they can become part of my body. Together in peace, body and mind both.

I was honest and everything I said was very close to truth.

I made this rule, the very first rule of my art practice that to be honest to your artwork and self.

Pictures of the CA project room 

Group project pitch 

I presented my pitch with the help of some props and explanations. 

I was unable to follow the rules, especially the one that says that my pitch should bounce from the physical material I’m already working with.  

Since I decided not to use the round tablecloth there was no material for me to bounce from. I attended the class and got the chance to express my pitch idea.  

I discarded my round cloth in front of the class, saying the words (it has served its purpose and now it’s time to say goodbye to this object).

Pictures of the class

My idea for the theme TIME group project

We should sit down and do breathing exercises. It’s time to be in the moment by turning ourselves into beings / for a time being / time being.

We will change the sitting positions, shapes, and patterns during the workshop. We will also change the breathing patterns to speed up and slow down.

Drawings on the wall

Revisiting the arts centre

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME

I got it, it’s mine, it’s me, it’s us, I am back, I am self, I will always be myself, self is the beginning, self is the end, there is something very personal, something that is also very common, it’s the feeling of me becoming us, the feeling of fitfulness and achievement.

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