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Abidish – Week 6

Mon 6th, Mar – Sun 12th, Mar

Reading week

Work in the CA project room

I was walking around the tablecloth and repeating these sentences.   

Past Time 

Your past is your memories in your head about your lived experiences. 

Present time

Your present is what you are living right now in the materialistic reality through your senses in the present moment. 

Future time 

Your future to you is unknown, uncertain, and unpredictable, the only certainty is that it will happen. 

I’m going somewhere but it might be nowhere nevertheless I’m excited to find out. 

This week (reading week) I’ll try to do some work on my thoughts and ideas, generated in the last 5 weeks. This is to help me clear my mind and simplify my project. 

Exploration of the theme (TIME) from different perspectives in the past five weeks:

Personal observation of time in my everyday life.  

It is hard to visualise time, but we feel it.

Physics and time.  

We feel that time is moving but it is us living in the space, time is there as a constant. We compare this with other natural forces e.g., gravity. Time is like another dimension, which changes with space. 

TIME through geometry/shape and mathematics.

My conclusion was that time doesn’t have shape, but you are going to stick with the round shape. A circle is a shape made of straight lines. It is not what it looks like. It isn’t what we visually perceive.

Thinking through making 

Photos of moving through time (A train journey from Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury). 

Throughout the journey I was thinking about what TIME is and what is the relationship between me and time. I was closing my eyes to feel this feeling of me moving through time and space. I was listening and visualizing the sounds into images in my head. I did this exercise 5 to 6 times and started to focus on my breath, leaving and entering my body and giving me the feeling of a ticking clock. This feeling was very strong, and I felt this penny drop moment in myself. I started to write down my dyslexic style notes. Self-time / Time itself, my TIME / ME time, alive clock, Real TIME, Lifetime, time flow, only this is real time, spending time, being a clock, Arrow of TIME.

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME

I am time, my time is my life, my life is my time, I am my own time, my time is myself, my body is my clock, my breath is the real clock that is ticking.

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