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Abidish – IP4-Week 5

Mon 27th, Feb – Sun 5th, Mar

Workshop 2 (Brainstorming)

Two questions from Miranda at the beginning of workshop 2

How are you?

I am trying to feel okay, fine, happy, and normal.

What kind of clock you feel like you are?

A blank clock with white reflective surface.

Part 1 of the workshop 2

Photos by class members

NOW now NOW now NOW now NOW… (The power of now)

It was about being present in the moment and trying not to fall into the past memories or future plans. We used the tool of meditation, and I loved it. It keeps you grounded and connected with the true TIME or moment but also with body and self.

Pictures of the class

Personal project

This is the 3rd time I am adding objects to get some result or find some sense of direction. I am playing in the CA project room and trying to think via making, moving, throwing, walking etc…

Documentation of thinking through making

Tutorial and Reflection

  1. Finding a structure and balance between my ART making and living would help.
  • I am feeling exhausted but that’s because I am thinking all the time. I am feeling burnout and I hope that reading week will be the chance to catchup.
  • I am trying to aspire to being a successful artist. It has been difficult to compare myself with established artists but now I believe that is unfair on my mental health and physical body.
  • I have decided that I need to enjoy my work every day, all the time and forever. It is important to scrap some ideas because they are not good enough.
  • The recent workshop has led me to think about that, there is no best ideas. The idea that you are working on is the best idea. I think that I need to be able to create without destroying yourself.
  • When looking at an artist for inspiration or research try to think about their process rather than focussing on their final pieces (we tend not to see the pieces that have been discarded).

Worry Doll / Bonfire

Pictures of the workshop (IP3 Group project, 2022)

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME

I’m learning, I’m slowing down, I’m finding peace, understanding me, I’m growing, I’m listening, and watching, I feel lucky, I’m thankful, l funding self and opportunities, I am loving the life I’m living.

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