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Abidish – IP4-Week 3

Mon 13th, Feb – Sun 19th, Feb


I was sick during this week and was unable to do anything except the note making and brainstorming but regardless of health issue I attended all my classes and tutorials in person.

During the lecture we went through handpicked material (some material with warnings) expressing different takes around the theme of time. I really liked the selection of artworks and artists shown in the lecture.

There were references towards the relationship between art and time, art history, past, present, and future time in art. Powerful imagery, photography, performances, and sculptures were also part of the PowerPoint presentation.

Pictures of the class


Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is an Icelandic-Danish artist based in Germany. He mainly works with the media of sculptures and installation. Usually, the works take a lot of space consisting of elemental materials such as water, temperature, and light. The speciality of Olafur’s work is to create a strong bond between the artwork and the viewers. This can also be translated into the wow effect. In his work Your Waste of Time, 2006 he created the exact same feeling.

In my opinion the most interesting part of Olafur’s work is him working with simple materials and twisting and turning those materials via manipulation of position and perspective. This practice turns things into something meaningful, powerful and mind blowing for the audience.

Your waste of time, 2006 by Olafur Eliasson

On Kawara

Born on December 24, 1932 – On Kawara was a Japanese artist and lived in the NYC from 1965. he was known as a visual and conceptual artist and took part in many solo and group exhibitions at many prestigious places. Kawara is best known for his series of date paintings began in 1966.

His work one million years, 1999 is a conceptual piece of work consist of two volumes book project. One covers and goes into past time and the other takes you into the future each one million year. His work makes viewers aware of their position and place in the history and time and give them the sense of the passage of time in a very materialistic way.

In my view this work is therapeutic and soothing to read and listen to. It also tells the time through materiality in the form of dates which is part of everyday life of nearly every human being on this planet. in other words, it just tells us the reality as it is and as we understand time to the best of our understanding so far.

Independent project 

Unfortunately, this week because of my sickness, there is no progress to share on my personal independent project.  


In my first individual tutorial I shared my progress with my tutor including thinking through making sessions in the creative arts project room. I also expressed my frustration with exploring some fundamental questions about my creative practise. I was wondering what my art is? where is my art coming from? should I make art always around me or should I make art around us or them?  

I believe it’s important for me to understand the inspiration or source of my art and creativity. Better understanding will help me to connect with my work and find peace and happiness after and during making any project.

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME 

I was sick, I was weak, but I was ambitious, and I was trying, I was attending, I was thinking, I was resting, I was pushing, I was resting, I was going, I was flowing, I was happy, but I was sad, I was down, I was a bit confuse, I was emotional, it was true, I was honest, I was proud.

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