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Abidish – IP4-Week 2

Mon 6th, Feb – Sun 12th, Feb 


I want to start this week’s notebook with two words, sorry and thank you. Sorry because I finally notice that my notebooks are very dry or not very exciting when it comes to texts. I realise this when I sat down to write my week two notebook. It’s the same old, same old. I can clearly see what my tutor Miranda meant when she was suggesting to me that I should make more playful and organic notebook posts. It must be hard reading them.  

Secondly, thank you Miranda for being patient with me and giving me the time and space.  

Workshop 1

This week’s workshop was different in terms of structure and material. The structure was simple, almost like a presentation and the material was minimalistic in nature. I felt engaged during the workshop because of its interactive tasks and activities. There was a strong element of rhythm, music, tempo, time in segments, compositions etc…  

Less information in each segment gave me the opportunity to think of more ideas.  

I really liked the part where I was constructing a project within 10 minutes while collaborating with another class member. It was exciting, spontaneous, creative, organic, and fulfilling in nature.


Photographs of the book I am reading 

This piece of text gave me a better and empathetic understanding of art works. It talks about the importance to create without worrying and not thinking if it will get big on any stage and published for masses and masses or if it gets celebrated in a gallery or museum.  

I also read through part of a document from the School of Art to understand what people do and how people feel after finishing the degree. Reading this text made me feel like travelling back in time but also helped see myself in the future. I was wondering how I am going to perceive myself. What tags, what titles and what words am I going to use to introduce myself as an artist?

Photographs of The School of Art 2016 degree show book

Thinking through making

I picked up some random items from my storage box and decided to do something with them. I thought about meditating on the piece of tablecloth but ended up making a clock with Roman numerals.  

By looking at the flat fabric lying on the floor I thought about creating some texture by crumbling the fabric to make it look like a 3D object. I do not know why I did it, but I liked it.


I am still not sure what I want to do with this semester’s theme TIME but I’m trying to connect it with last semester’s theme The Everyday.  

Instead of a circle this time I am visualising a straight line when the word TIME comes to my mind.

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME

I woke up, I cleaned, I rushed, I stopped, I drank, I talked, I crushed, I laughed, I sniffed, I fell, I ate, I walked, I thought, I thought, I kissed, I felt, I melt, I bought, I missed.

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