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Abidish – IP4-Week 1

Mon 30th, Jan – Sun 5th, Feb


Semester two starts with three simple questions.  

How is your body feeling?  

I am feeling safe and free.  

How is your mind feeling?  

I am relaxed and calm.  

Where do you want to be in time right now?  

My mind is roaming around in my memories of being a carefree child back in Pakistan.  

This simple exercise was a great way to start a new semester.  

In the first week I got an introductory class in which there was information about the overall structure of the module including the timetable, assignments, marking criteria, deadline dates and information about the takeover. Overall, the module is staying the same except for some changes in the proposal form and the new practise of group tutorials.  

There was a brief reflection on the last interdisciplinary module IP3. I said I should read more, and I should improve my knowledge about artistry and theory.  

The theme “TIME”

The first sitting of the class was very relaxed. We discussed our theme for this module TIME. During this brainstorming session I got my opportunity to express my ideas and thoughts about the theme. I read some words from my notebook which I wrote during January 2023.

time flows, time flies, time flips,

time passes, time chases, time races,

time ticks, time stops, time up,

time goes, time slows, time ends…

Group tutorial A

In our group tutorial we got to discuss our feedbacks. I reflected on my feedback by agreeing with my tutor Miranda that I need to improve spelling and grammar. I also believe that I need to read more to improve my knowledge about different artists and their art practises in different periods of time.

In a group activity I made a commitment, that I will bring Patrick (my house mare) to The Takeover 2023. I enjoyed this exercise because of the nature of the task, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to see from their perspective.


Photographs of the book I am reading (Performance Everyday by Joshua Sofaer)

I booked the creative arts studio space this week to start ‘thinking through making’.  

Unfortunately, the space was not clear and available.  


Overall, I enjoyed both sittings: introduction to the IP4 module and the group tutorial one. It is an exciting time to start and this time I will try to be more professional with time and with my assignments. I will try to develop a strong understanding of myself and where my is work coming from. I will also try to connect, understand, and observe my own process of making. It’s time to dive deeper into myself.  

My dyslexic way of thinking my TIME

I woke up, I cleaned, I smelled, I ran, I read, I watched, I slept, I walked, I fell, I sat, I talked, I wrote, I sent, I spent, I bought some peace, I struggled to sleep, I looked and looked then fell asleep.  

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