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Week 1 – Reflection and Looking to the Future

Before beginning, it seems best to look at and assess what went well, what could have gone better from my previous project.


-Final project was well thought out and well setup

-Intense creative process leading up to final project, working well in intense bursts

-Communicating with the audience in person

-Documenting process of the exhibition (although perhaps this could have been better with additional filming etc)

-communication with arts centre staff

-being inspired by classmates


-Completing audio work, loosing files, considering backing up etc.

-Consistently working throughout the semester

Overall the project was a success and I am happy with the outcome of the final work. I aimed to try a different media or way to present my final project. This work was a performance based piece, and I had previously worked with proportion, sound and audio. The project was not without mishaps however, I had recorded lots of sounds of my bike and in the workshop at work, a process of doing and seeing what happens. Much of the final outcome was a failure but it managed to birth a new kind of project – pushing me more into a performance based piece. I did continue to try and improve the audio side of my project but this went pair shaped as I managed to loose the audio before the final performance.

I learnt lots, predominantly from being in the takeover exhibition. Working with exhibition staff really benefited and helped me consider myself a professional artist. I like the fact we get to exhibit.

For my future project I would like to work in another new media, this is my only goal currently. I am not sure what this entails.


“The Everyday”

Below are my organic thoughts on the theme – these are basically ramblings, or thoughts that I simply note down in my phone when I have a free moment. Lets be honest as artists we never stop thinking about art or a theme or direction of our work.

  • What you do everyday?
  • Wear a go pro all day
  • Cleaning your teeth-why is that the start of the day
  • Coffee is that the start of the day
  • Breakfast – toast
  • Coffee is like a ritual – do you have a morning ritual
  • Everyone drinks in the morning 
  • Photos of objects you use everyday (maybe every object I touch maybe a collection of objects I touch everyday)
  • Opening the curtains
  • Seeing what the new day
  • Ending of the day – dreams subconscious part of the everyday
  • Memories of the previous day
  • Everyday Problems 
  • “Every Day I spend my Time” – the first lyric of Everyday by Mark Ronson
  • Every Day Life Coldplay 

What in the world are we going to do?

Look at what everybody’s going through

What kind of world do you want it to be?

Am I the future or the history?

‘Cause everyone hurts

Everyone cries

Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies

Everyone falls

Everybody dreams and doubts

Got to keep dancing when the lights go out

How in the world I am going to see?

You as my brother

Not my enemy?

‘Cause everyone hurts

Everyone cries

Everyone sees the color in each other’s eyes

Everyone loves

Everybody gets their hearts ripped out

Got to keep dancing when the lights go out

Gonna keep dancing when the lights go out

Hold tight for everyday life

Hold tight for everyday life

At first light

Throw my arms out open wide








-Everyday life is boring ? We discussed the everyday in our groups at the start of the class however we only give our highlights.

-Is what we think boring actually very interesting. 

peoples mental health, getting up every day, having structure – octavia getting up and working on the horse

student life is nocturnal, the everyday for a student is inherently abnormal

The everyday is interesting because we only really remember the highlights of “The Everyday”

“The Everyday” just makes me think of the mundane but my memory of a day just pulls the best/snippets of life. The snippets are the ones we get hung up on, such as a bad conversation with a friend…does this kind of stuff really matter ?

-Phones and technology fill time – the everyday has changed

-Have you gone phone-less ? Those little moments, become something more, the silence is the richness

-The idea of living with someone, love I think it is the movies the best bits are cherished. (is this in the film hope gap ?)

-Phones on the table in psychology suggest you are not fully in a conversation.

  • Monotony “lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.
  • Routine ?
  • The Unbelievable everyday – when someones dream becomes reality and everyday
  • Environmental Everyday

Personal Everyday 

Quakerism – 

-Project is repetition

-Highlights of everyday 

-A photo from everyday (but these are just highlights)

-Be Real app

-Everyday sounds noises that you hear everyday ?

-Ikea the wonderful everyday

The Everyday Objects

-Things I’ve touched in the last hour ? A collection of items in a pile?

-Video or photo of the same view ?

-representational objects

-the everyday turning of a wheel rotation, it just keeps spinning around and around.

-Sound that surrounds us ! 

Nikki Lindt – audio of the surrounding landscape ? 

The Everyday – is time

Everyday Life – Coldplay – Thoughts From Listening



Calm below the beginning of the day 


Spiritual, calming the brightness best of the day, life is brilliant when your at church – church is not necessarily yours but can be found in other people. Ethnic music.

-Trouble in Town

The opposite this is the worst. Why do people have to put up with this, there is a deep powerful message in this song. People are hurt and in pain.


Similiar Church it suggest the healing when your hurt and we have to rely on everyone. There is soo much in this world it is almost overwhelming.


The creator, this seems metaphorical to God. The uncertainty of a higher power not knowing the future. Craving an acceptance by someone above. 


Togetherness is important


Power intensity of music brings together us as  a whole “and we share the same blood” “same fucking blood’ – we are the same why do we fight ? In the everyday we are all the same ! The music adds to the power of this song.

-When I need a Friend

Song with holy imagery, doves etc. Asking god to defend them, are we shielding friendships ? 



Designed to sound like a silly song, but it seems to have a deep interconnected message about the availability of guns in the world. Why are they so prominent and the effect they have on lives.


Single song, had lots of hits from the album. Boom boom nah, buba de kah is an onomatapia that was created as a response to the bombings in Syria… it is throughout the entire song. This is those orphans everyday. But for some reason the song seems to have hope and happiness ? They can get through this ! Drunk with friends, drunk on life ? 


Old religious imagery around Joseph. God has abandoned the world. “The sight of the pilgrims going nowhere in millions” particularly stands out as horrific imagery.

-Cry Cry Cry

Musically creative song. Jacob Collier is a creative genius, harmonies are rich. The lyrics seem to suggest empathy and support. To me this perhaps is the key to supporting each other as humans.

-Old Friends

The talk of loss. A friend who was lost too early. Death is part of Everyday Life. The friend that you love and lost, are they still there.

Beautiful instrumental and ethereal sounds and lyrics. The lyrics are a poem is a famous Saadi poem called “Son of Adam” translation below.

“In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain
If you have no sympathy for human pain
The name of human you cannot retain”

Discussion of creation.

-Champion of the World

Discussion of aliens. Why do we fight how is this a part of everyday life ? Why do we fight, does it really matter. Life does not make sense. We are always hoping for the best however can we really hope for the best ? 

-Everyday Life

We are part of human kind. We are together we are no different from one another. 


So I don’t know where my notes are ! Otherwise they would be here !

Class Notes

So I don’t know where my notes are ! Otherwise they would be here !

Class is always a good time to get to be social with other artists and creatives. Share work and ideas ! The best part of the class was catching up with other classmates. I found it interesting what everyone has been doing and what we found most creatively stimulating throughout what we have done in the past few months ! Something to note is the fact that people pulled out highlights of their time. I noted down what everyone said but alas I don’t know where my notes are.

I am looking forward to the course. The examination seems much simpler this year although no major exhibition to work towards. I will be interested to note if this makes a difference to my final project, it seems I work best when I have a bit of time pressure to complete work. I am looking forward to working with another group of creatives on a new theme and project however. Good things to come ! I hope the social aspect of the group is there this year !!!


It seems to me that time is the most important thing to this project. It is perhaps the most profound thing that I am thinking about at the moment for my project. We spend our time everyday – “Every Day I spend my Time” – the first lyric of Everyday by Mark Ronson (the opening lyric). The first thing we scream when we have a break up or perhaps an argument is “Why are you wasting my time ?” . Coldplay talk about the loss of a friend before time in their song Old Friends” (lyrics below). It is interesting to look at the study of how we spend our time from Our World Data. It interests me how there seems to be a slider on how much time we spend on leisure and paid work. There is also a difference between each country. I also find interesting how there is a gender gap in peoples free time, link to this is below. This raises the question about gender and how people are not free to spen their time in “The Everyday”. According to the study by Our World Data this means that biological women have less free time compared to men – thus they are not as able to spend their time as freely.


Old Friends

Tony was a friend of mine
We were together all the time
He had my back
Once he really saved my life

Sometimes, I wanna call him
Say “Hey, let’s stay up, ’til morning”

And when I close my eyes
When I close my eyes
I see you

When I close my eyes
When I close my eyes
You come through

Time just deepens
Sweetens, and mends
Old friends

We all melt back into the picture
Raindrops back into the water
Old friends

And there are no ends to old friends

How Could this presented in work format ? How do I make this a relatable piece of artwork ?

Circles and rotations….wheels go around and around until they stop – similarity off time passing !

Water droplets representing measurements ?

I want to do my own time use diary, what is a time use diary ?

Do I want to include gender diversity in the time thing. Is this required or necessary ?

1 thought on “Week 1 – Reflection and Looking to the Future”

  1. lots of thinking going on, excellent, lots of questions, really enjoyed the Quaker video, helped to understand you and an aspect of your life, very interesting time use table, but not a reflection of the world – continents missing, it would be more interesting to see Africa and Asia included. Ok so it looks like you have settled with the ‘time use diary’ for let’s see where that goes..the ‘what I touch every day’ idea jumped out at me. Yes a different feel to the semester without an exhibition at the end, but as an artist there will be lots of time without exhibitions, you will not always lurch from one exhibition to the next and they might be years apart, so learning to make the work purely for the development of your ideas and practice is an essential skill, we keep making the work to keep deepening the practice and then when there is an exhibition you are grounded in your practice and can pull something out, don’t be an audience junky!

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