week 8

experimentation : making a Buqalah pot with one of the landscape that shaped me

When I contemplate this last year of university here in Aberystwyth, I feel the urge to create outdoors. I feel so grateful to study in such a beautiful town with incredible views. I think that it would be such a pity to not appreciate the resources in Nature through art. So during this week, I wanted to develop a deeper connection with the landscape therefore, I asked Charly to help me to document the process of my experimentation. After doing a poetry workshop with Charly and Sofia inspired by the Algerian Buqalah ceremony, an oral poetry ritual, I decided to push this idea further by creating pots with the clay found in the Ystwyth river beds at the bottom of Pen Dinas. The Buqalah pot used to be created by the hands of the women who recited the poems before passing it around in circle. It was extremely cold on that day! This experimentation is a bridge of connection between the Welsh and Algerian tradition of oral poetry, the concept of sisterhood and the importance of the landscape in Algerian and Welsh cultures.

shaping the clay

I brought home a bag full of of a mixture between soil and clay. I chose to not seperate the two so as to keep an appropriate idea of the roughness of nature in this landscape. When I was shaping the clay, I kept in mind the concept of sisterhood and I explored the stream of my consciousness. I was drawn towards organic and simple forms of pots. From there, I got inspired by the beauty of the Nature of a pot : an object that contains and pours its inside with vulnerability. The pot is an object of function, aesthetics and fragility.

research : agape

Linked with the concept of containing and pouring ourselves explored this week and the support of my friends explored last week, I wanted to research the concept of Agape, or Charity in English. This notion is also connected to the idea of creating a workhop and collaborate with Sofia and Charly last week.

I did a presentation of a group workshop proposal last semester about the importance of sharing food in culture and its signification and I did some research about sharing fruit earlier this semester (the research about date fruit).

Here is my last project presentation proposal :

I did a few performances in which I was eating date fruits and it completely nourished my research on this fruit as I realised the transformative aspect of the performance. The date fruit was not just a fruit but a fruit full of virtues and intentions. This research led to the workshop I did with Sofia and Charly when I gave them a date fruit to eat.

Eating date fruits (experimentation)

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