week 7

Definition of sisterhood according to Merriam-Webster dictionary

1a: the state of being a sister

bsisterly relationship

2a community or society of sistersespecially a society of women in a religious order

3: the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

Experimentation : working with Sofia and Charly on the concept of sisterhood

I led a group workshop with Charly and Sofia. I wanted to use this time of trials to explore the idea of sisterhood. During difficult times, they have supported me by being present which is the best thing friends can do!

There were different steps punctuated by :

  • a moment of meditation in which we closed our eyes and meditated in silence then I invited Sofia and Charly to allow any visualisation to come to them
  • a moment of connection in which I invited the girls to bless each other with words of affirmation
  • a moment of recollection during which we started to write poetry about what sits in our hearts and stirs our soul
  • a moment of comfort and warmth in which I shared with them a date fruit, a fruit that reminds me of home, full of sweetness and nurturing qualities
  • a moment of expression during which we shared our poems orally with emotion and vulnerability

research about sisterhood and art

When I was younger, I have experienced the concept of sisterhood in my Algerian family until the age of 7. I am very lucky to have a beautiful and supportive biological sister but what is incredible about the concept of sisterhood is that the sisterhood connection doesn’t have to be shared between biological sisters but women in general.

I wanted to dedicate some research to the exploration of sisterhood in art.

sisters making art together

-The Safarani sisters

Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani are two Iranian contemporary artists and twins. Their work is primarily about identity and sense of self in relation to the other. They are exploring the notion of sisterhood innovative art performances and video-paintings. Their work is nourished by the true bond they share through the experience of being women, twins, Iranians and individuals. It is also inspired by a contemporary breath and a love of tradition and culture. They are interdisciplinary artist who mix traditional with contemporary mediums (i.e. oil paint and video-projection) as well as the tradition of their Middle Eastern culture with the contemporary themes.

“We always get inspired from our very simple to very complex experiences in our life. Our ideas for our works are driven from those experiences because we both live almost the same way and we go through many life situations together. We have been living together so closely for so many years so we kind of come to the same ideas for our paintings.” – The Safarani sisters

Cocoon art performance

I love the work of the Safarani sisters because they explore such powerful themes such as growth and vulnerability with depth and emotion. Their paintings remind me of the ethereal and delicate photographs of Francesca Woodman, there is also a kind of loneliness that reminds me of the paintings of Gwen Jones before she converted to the Catholic church.

Francesca Woodman
Gwen John, woman sitting in a blue dress
  • The sisterhood virtual exhibition is an exhibition that unites the voice of twenty women who have very unique styles and backgrounds and yet share the same artistic gift and the same sisterhood bond. What is so beautiful about this exhibition is the positivity that emanates from it, the artists are showing solidarity between themselves and others. This is observable in the gentleness of each work towards the audience. This tenderness and kindness is not synonym to weakness. On the contrary, the voice of each women makes a difference. The exhibition is presented as a series of the portraits of these women who are coming from all around the world.

Sisterhood Virtual Exhibition – The Wilson – Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (cheltenhammuseum.org.uk)

One of the artist of this exhibition is Frances Mills. Frances Mills is an artist and a wanderer, she explores Nature with creativity by documenting her journey along the way. She uses mixed-media techniques in her journals and keeps a blog to connect with her audience as she walks.

Running Adventure I Journal I British Coast (asiwandered.co.uk)

Her journals are filled with collages of elements of Nature, watercolours, sketches and creative writing.

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