week 6

Group workshop

During this class, we had to stick black paper around the sculptures of the last workshop in the room. Then we had to think of our group workshop idea.

Ballet class

During the Ballet class, the Ballet teacher stood in the corner of the room and asked us to stand diagonally opposite her. She designated someone and asked her to throw a gymnastic ball to her. The ball only reached half way across the room before bouncing on the floor, losing its trajectory and rolling to her side. The Ballet teacher caught the ball : “see this is your problem, you only dance for half of the room”. It is a difficult exercise to engage our entire body to fully commit to the movements when we are unsure of the choreography. In this lesson, I have learned that if I have to throw the ball at her, I need to make sure to reach her and come to her.

Reflection on my practice and process

Practice with discipline. Process with trust and creativity.

When reflecting on my creative process and practice, I never realised I enjoy working with a duality in my work. I noticed that I work through the creative practice with discipline. I spend two hours at the gym, at least an hour stretching everyday, I pay attention to what I eat for my body. I meditate at least an hour a day through prayer for my soul. I read for my mind, I study with friends, I attend to external classes. On the other hand my creative process is led with trust, love and creativity. My creative process is simple. I found that this is what works for me.

Going to the project room


stretching through motion


Applying Ballet movements

meditating with others

My boyfriend and I have this habit to meditate together hand in hand. I thought that it would be a good idea to do that with my friends as well so this is a video of Sofia and I meditating at the beach. We are setting our intentions at the beginning of the meditation and relaxing into them. Then we talk about our thoughts and ideas, our visualizations. Finally we wish each other with blessings. We felt even more connected after it, we were very happy and relaxed. We laughed as well.

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