week 4


Feeling drained after the workshop, at least we have a better sense of unity and connection in the group.


I went on a trip back home, to my roots. I went on a trip to North Wales to rediscover home.

I’ve been walking in Nature, reading, spending time with those I love, spending time alone, praying, visiting and revisiting.

Mostyn art gallery : reflection on the known and the unknown

feeling like I stopped loving art

I wonder… are there artists who lost and rediscovered their passion for art?

Feeling like for the first time I stopped loving art, not really knowing what I’m doing anymore. Usually, when I create, it’s a voice, a strong urge that pushes me to create but I don’t hear it anymore. It’s the 1st time that it happened to me. Something has changed perhaps a redirection.

still working on myself everyday

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