week 2

an exhibition I have seen on Week 1

At the Arts Centre, I visited the exhibition after Gwen Jones, one of my favourite artists. I have felt a lot of connections with her from her potential of love, her sensitivity to Art, her religious conversion, her Welsh nationality, her beautiful letters, and her life in France. This exhibition came at a very special time for me, it was also after visiting the National Gallery of Wales in Cardiff where I could see her original paintings. I also really enjoyed the combination of contemporary art and Gwen Jones, the art performance my favourite. Overall, I found this exhibition very touching, tears rolled down my cheeks as I was flicking through her book of letters in the dark room.

notes from the lecture week 2



Closing loop

going to the project room on Thursday by myself to experiment

I ate Deglet-Nour dates, dates from Algeria. They are smaller than the Medjool ones.

going to the project room on Friday with Charly to improvise again

We did dance improvisations, sometimes with prompts I suggested. One of the prompts was to set multiple timers without telling each other when the timer will end and dancing until the timer ends. Setting a timer was a way for us to see how we use time to move in space and what our body is doing at a specific time.

going back to the shape of the curve

experimenting with the curve again, the shape and consequences of an incline, the experience of gravity (I used the table to create an inclined surface by folding it in half.)


The way that I see home is also like a landmark point, a place that we keep going back to and that eventually shapes who we are. In the project room, I realised that it was very important for me to move my body to express myself. When I paint, I use my entire body to make a single brushstroke and I even move around the canvas. When I started art performances, I was dancing around my paintings and at the School of Art, I was dancing in the project room for the Liminality video. When I reflect on my work, I can see that I am very expressive, that I take up a lot of space, that I use large surfaces and that I even use my entire body. So to finish my third year hear in Aberystwyth, on this self-discovery and learning journey, I would like to go back home and do a project that resembles who I am. I would like to incorporate all the landmark, the signature elements and recurring themes and interests in my final project.

Another observation I had from reflecting on my work is that I use my hair as an artist statement and as a preservation of my origins and culture. My hair is dark, voluminous, and thick. My hair is delicately designed and crafted, one single hair at a time. I continue the work of my hair by moisturizing and defining it everyday. I choose its shape and I continue its work by braiding it myself. It has a shape, an idea that can easily be identified and recognizable on its own.

an exhibition I visited in week 2 at the School of Art

This exhibition was using fabric as a material of recollection and hard work, as well as sound. It was about the conflict in Northern Ireland.

making connections

I’ve been trying to create connections by organising meetings after class for coffee and going out in the weekend to get to know each other more. In the last semester, I didn’t know the other students from the group as well as in the previous semester. I’ve also been trying to do group meetings to work on our individual projects or collaborate.

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