week 1

HOME is the theme this semester. It sounds like the perfect theme to finish my studies in Aberystwyth after the theme JOURNEY, we are invited to arrive at destination. Mayu and I have been having a long conversation about what our last project could be for this theme. Because the word “home” is used so often, I didn’t feel particularly inspired as it felt like everything was too obvious and not interesting enough or cliché. I thought that anyone could imagine that I would create something about my Algerian origins.

The first tutorial however has helped me to feel a bit more inspired because Miranda suggested that I should start with the obvious and the cliché, that I should just start without judgement.

our first class

Here is some documentation of our first class. Miranda gave us a similar advice during that session :

“Keep things super simple. Simple is profound. Deep is everything. Nothing is simple. If it is simple, sit with someone interesting and talk about it.”

Miranda Whall

some research about date fruits :

I did some performances at home, then I booked the project room to do these :


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