week 5

This week was about brainstorming and conceptualizing the student-led group workshop project. The theme was null island and the sweet potato. My understanding of Null Island is a conceptual spot on Earth that has a feeling of pure balance and harmony by its satisfying location on 0°N 0°E. Therefore, Null Island is a place for idealist, it is a utopia. My understanding of the sweet potato was its humbleness as it nourishes a lot and yet it is over and underrated.

After observing what our group needs in these stressful times, I have noticed an urgent need to create unity, harmony, cohesion and deep connection that would enable us to push our projects together.

My proposal for the workshop is to host a dinner in the project room and engage conversation. The idea is that everyone will bring a dish that they made using a sweet potato to share with the group. The sweet potato will connect us

as it will have a story that everyone has an input in. We will pass each other the potato to speak in turns. The project room would be transformed into Null Island, the location where everyone would like to be in, a friendly and warm environment inspired by my grandma’s house.


I thought about the action of falling, letting go, surrendering, following the flow of abandonment and grief. It feels natural to try and resist the fall and to try to get a grip onto something. To fall is an act of resilience, it is to accept the force of disbalance. It is to embrace vulnerability and weakness therefore it is to be brave. I have tried to fall in my room and I needed assistance to fall in Nature as Nature is full of falling elements, full of grief especially during autumn when the trees shed their leaves. I have asked Mayu if she could help me but I got ill and I couldn’t leave my bed for days. Here is a preliminary idea of falling in my room.

All we know of pleasure

This week, I have finished a poetry book written by women about women’s pleasure, desire and sexuality. I found a lot of poems unpleasant to read as they triggered me. I had to step away from this book for a few hours sometimes to process. However it is one of the best poetry books I have ever read. The poems were intellectually stimulating and diverse. Some poems even encouraged and empowered my healing journey after rape. My favourite poems from this anthology are ‘Woman Reading’ and ‘In Ecstasy’. In overall, reading this book felt like an accomplishment as it was difficult to read, it’s a little encouraging. These are the notes I took on my personal notebook :


It seems like grief is an important part of the recovery and healing journey which is why I have been very sensitive to the idea of falling, to reading about pleasure despite trauma, to the autumn season and to keep a stimulated mind despite getting ill and things not going to plan.

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