week 4

This week, Miranda introduced us to the first workshop called ‘Somewhere, something’. Something was given to us somewhere : a sweet potato and the Null Island. The first step was to draw the potato so I made a potato drawing in which the potato was the medium of its own representation. This leaded me to a potato performance on a much larger scale in the Light Room Studio. I feel liberated with large white surfaces to express myself, they allow me to move freely using my entire body and mind. This workshop was definitely one of my favourites as it was concise, creative and it gave a lot of space to imagination. It was a starting point for an adventure.

I chose this potato because of its organic shape and its curvy shape. I found so much beauty in the sweet potatoes on an aesthetic but also culinary level. I enjoy the way it seems to fit the human body shape so well.

Drawing using the potato was pleasant. First, I observed that the marks I created were made from the earth that covered the potato and the root at one end. Then, after rubbing off the external layer, the skin of the potato started to peel itself to reveal the tangy orange of the flesh. By drawing with the potato, the potato drew on itself as the patches of skin disappeared and the potato started to oxidize in contact with air (enzymic browning). It looked like a map on a potato with patches of earth representing islands and continents in oceans and seas.

nest excursions

I felt very anxious this week so I decided to take myself somewhere : the nest. The nest is the name Matt and I gave to the hill next to the castle ruins. It is a place which is elevated, and which makes us feel close to the immensity of the sky. Everything looks so little and it reminds us of how small we are. The nest is a place that makes us feel calm, we usually sit on the tall and soft grass to meditate in silence or talk about important subjects with mindfulness. We talk about our feelings, our reflections, our realisations, our ideas, our inspirations and our aspirations. The nest has a lovely view on the castle however we always face the view of the sea and the promenade.

On my solo nest excursion, during the evening, I was feeling anxious about my work in both Creative Writing and Art modules. In one of my creative writing modules entitled Writing and Place, I imagined writing about the nest and all the ideas, reflections and inspirations that the nest has brought to Matt and I. Yet, I thought that this idea needs to be more grounded in time. The nest is more about current impressions and changing thoughts. It is a viewpoint where we tend to go to reflect on everything but the ideas we have keep changing as the weather and the sea. For my Interdisciplinary practice this week, I thought about 3 different projects : Falling, The curve and protecting myself as an artist. Yet, I felt too overwhelmed and tried to focus on clearing my mind in the nest.

i decided to be a performance artist

I have been asking myself how do artists protect themselves for a few months now and I had the idea to create a pact with myself. As I noticed the conflict between my reluctance to arousing people and the inevitable sexualization of my body as a woman, I concluded that it was absurd to want to be a woman performance artist escaping the very condition of the woman performance artist. It seemed impossible for me to stop creating for such a futile reason. Therefore, this manifesto is protecting my intentions as well as the reason why I make art. By establishing the boundaries of my practice, I intend to protect my mental health from what does not belong to me.

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