week two

I found our first lecture enjoyable as I like the act of drawing/writing whilst watching and listening. I often find this beneficial to express my reactions through drawing as it allows me to recall the details of what I observed more precisely and easily. The piece that stood out to me the most was the clip from 1917. The idea that stuck with me from this lecture was that a journey can be something that we take against our will. This was especially shown through the soldier’s journey in the clip of 1917. He was on a journey of survival and the unknown. I think I want to take a journey like the soldiers, albeit on a less extreme scale. I want to do something that makes me uncomfortable.

This week has been a week of thoughts and inner conversations. To progress with this project, I want to explore more public spaces around Aber, as I feel that in my first year, I effectively explored my own personal physical and psychological spaces thoroughly enough that I would like to progress to something in a more public space. Placing my project within the public sphere will also challenge me far more than a project in a more private space would challenge me, as I often feel anxious when out in public and I would like to be pushed out of my comfort zone this semester to see what I can make whilst I’m in unfamiliar territory. 

Originally I wanted to explore the public sphere by looking into craft-activism (craftivism) which is the act of making something for a public space, that shows an important issue. The idea of craftivism is to show a kind of introverted activism. Although I do connect with this idea of a quieter sort of activism- I felt as if the idea of sitting and making was too static.

I want to instead investigate this idea of an unknown journey. I want to explore places that are so close but are uncharted. I want to be like the rain flowing through the streets after the storm-being directed somewhere but not knowing where. how will I know when I’ve reached my destination? I might not. i want to capture the idea and feel of a place I’ve never been before; what I hear, see, taste, smell, feel. 

I have a real desire to see and explore new places after the past year of being locked away because of the pandemic. I am craving the feeling of liberation and spontaneity. I want to be led to new places like how I was led through the streets by the rainwater.

I want to be led astray, towards and beyond places. I feel that I need to stop forcing things and to just go with the flow and allow myself to be lead by my environment rather than trying to take control all the time. This will be my biggest boundary throughout this journey: to allow things to evolve naturally and to not pressure myself to make progress but to rather let this project run it’s course. I know it’s going to turn into something good, I just have to trust the process.

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