week one

From our first class, I am feeling optimistic, excited, and inspired about the theme of journey. The words that I was drawn to during the intro lecture were:


Also the words: multifaceted, exploration and documentation. I need to remember the importance of the balance between experimentation, research, and reflection during this project.

 My first instinct was to think back to last year when I took my first interdisciplinary module. During this walking and drawing project I explored places I inhabited by walking and exploring the places both psychological and physically. I investigated the duality of being and existing in two places and the feeling of homesickness and yearning I felt when moving between University and home. I was happy with what I made in first year but feel that I would like to start something new so that I may make room for more relevant ideas this semester.

I was thinking about Miranda’s advice to just start doing to generate the creative process. Lately I have been feeling stuck in my own head- I have been feeling self-conscious and suffocated by my own thoughts. I wanted to do something to break myself out of my own mind.

 I went on a walk on the seafront, and it started to downpour with rain. Usually, I would turn around and go home to avoid getting wet. Instead, I kept walking and was thrashed by the rain. I felt like the ocean was spitting glass at me as I faced into the waves. Even though I felt freezing it felt refreshing and I felt like it broke a part of my negative mental cycle. 

On my walk home, I started to watch the water take it’s journey through the streets. I watched the water trickle through the gutters, and I started to think about where the it had come from.

Maybe it was from the mountains or maybe somewhere even further. What journey had it taken to get to me?

I felt a connection to the flowing water. I almost didn’t want to leave the puddles and dripping drains as I turned into my road to return home.

When I returned home from my walk I decided I wanted to reflect on my experience somehow. I made the piece below to try and capture the feeling of being on the seafront and being lashed with by the wind and rain. This piece is similar to the drawings that I made in first year. Making this drawing not only allowed me to reflect on the journey that I had just taken, but it also allowed me realise that I definitely wanted to leave behind the way worked in first year. I enjoyed making the piece but I enjoy the idea of progressing and experimenting in different mediums more.

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